Program Components and Activities

The program consists of four components: industry, media, community, and research.


PBH collaborates with NCI to develop and implement a retailer point-of-purchase educational program, a food service educational program, and a national media campaign. Industry licensees reach consumers with informational and motivational 5 A Day messages at the point of purchase, through printed ads and broadcast media:
1994 - Giftbasket; Frozen/Canned; Fitness/NFL

1995 - Fitness/NFL; Frozen/Canned; Snacking

1996 - Microwave; Juice/Fruit at breakfast; Make it Visible Promo Highlights:
Summer Olympics (Atlanta)


PBH and NCI implement the media campaign, with events held throughout the year to spread the 5 A Day message to the public via media. These initiatives involve broadcast media, use of national spokespersons, print and media events 1994 - "3's a great start. The next 2 are easy!"

1995 - "Take the 5 A Day Challenge"


The program is brought to life at the community level where health and industry licensees stage collaborative events. State level 5 A Day programs often feature theory-based and interactive activities designed to build skills for behavior change. State or local coalitions formed by state health agency licensees develop state 5 A Day programs and coordinate all 5 A Day efforts in the state.

State-based efforts target a range of ages, ethnic groups, and channels such as schools, media, worksites, retailers, and community organizations. Many activities are done together with industry and attract media coverage. States localize the national 5 A Day campaigns by tailoring and adapting messages and strategies to people in their daily lives.


NCI has funded 13 research and evaluation studies to determine the effectiveness of 5 A Day interventions in increasing the per capita consumption of fruits and vegetables. These studies are conducted in various community channels (schools, worksites, churches, and food assistance programs).


To get involved in your state:

Call your State Health Agency 5 A Day Coordinator

Industry participants please contact:

Produce for Better Health Foundation
1500 Casho Mill Road
Newark, DE 19174-6035
Phone: 302/738-7100
Fax: 302/738-4825

For Information from the NCI Program Office, please contact:

5 A Day For Better Health Program
Prevention and Control Extramural Research Branch
National Cancer Institute
Executive Plaza North, Suite 232
6130 Executive Blvd. MSC 7330
Bethesda, MD 20892-7330
Phone: 301/496-8520
Fax: 301/402-0816