The Liver Carcinogenesis Section uses the modern technologies of molecular biology, cell biology, protein chemistry and genetics to investigate the biochemical and genetic pathways involved in human liver cancer.

Current Research projects in the Liver Carcinogenesis Unit:

Genomic instability and cell cycle checkpoints
Molecular pathogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma
Functional genomics of liver cancer
Role of Crm1/Ran-dependent pathway in liver carcinogenesis
Postdoctoral Opportunities

Staff Members

Xin Wei Wang
Head of Liver Carc. Section
Senior Investigator

Anuradha Budhu
Staff Scientist

Marshonna Forgues

Junfang Ji
Visting Fellow

Juling Ji
Special Volunteer

Bahadir Ozdemir
Visiting Fellow

Sonya Parpart
CRTA Fellow

Zhipeng Yu

Xuilian Zhao
Visiting Fellow

Hien Dang
CRTA Fellow

Atsushi Takai
Special Volunteer

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