The Breast and Prostate Cancer Unit investigates the relative contribution of genetic and environmental factors to human breast and prostate cancer causation. We focus on inherited host susceptibility factors, such as allele variant genes, chronic inflammation, and hormone exposure, but also study markers of disease progression and poor survival. We use the case-control method to identify genetic and environmental risk factors for breast and prostate cancer, and tissue specimens from the same cohorts to identify genes and other markers that are associated with metastasis and disease outcome.

Current Research projects in the Breast & Prostate Cancer Unit:
Genetics and health disparity in prostate cancer
Inflammation, infection and prostate cancer
Smoking and prostate cancer progression
Tumor markers associated with lifestyle and diet

Staff Members

Stefan Ambs
Head of B.P.C Unit
Tiffany Howe
Scott Hudson
CRTA Fellow
Adrienne Starks
CRTA Fellow
Atsushi Terunuma
Staff Scientist

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