The Molecular Genetics and Carcinogenesis Section conducts studies using human epithelial cells to assess: activation of proto-oncogenes by chemical and physical carcinogens; inactivation and dysregulation of tumor suppressor genes by chemical and physical carcinogens; and direct and indirect mechanisms of genotoxicity caused by chemical and physical carcinogens.

Current Research projects in the Molecular Genetics and Carcinogenesis Section:
Pancreatic Cancer Unit
p53 Gene Research
Tumor Suppressor Genes
Nitric Oxide and Inflammation
Apoptosis & Senessensce
Annual Bibliography
Postdoctoral Opportunities

Staff Members

Curtis C. Harris
Section Chief

Elise Bowman

Krist Aploks
CRTA Fellow

Izumi Horikawa
Staff Scientist

Mohammed A. Khan

Tomer Cooks
Visiting Fellow

Kristen Greathouse
Cancer Prevention Fellow

Abdul Mateen Mondal
Visiting Fellow

Majda Haznadar
Visiting Fellow

Sharon Pine
Special Volunteer

Ana Robles
Staff Scientist

Brid Ryan
Visiting Fellow

Hirokazu Okayama
Visiting Fellow

Aaron Schetter
Staff Scientist

Elisa Spillare
Laboratory Technical Manager

Jane Sohn
Adjunct Fellow

Camir Turnquist
CRTA Fellow

Judith A. Welsh

Krista Zanetti
Adjunct Scientist

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