Molecular Epidemiology conducts combined laboratory-epidemiology studies in human populations to assess: distribution, quantity and repair of carcinogen-macromolecular adducts and their carcinogen-induced lesions in biological samples from individuals in environments associated with high and low risk for cancer; mutational spectra in proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in human cancer; and experimental approaches to identify host susceptibility factors that predispose to cancer; and cancer biomarkers of diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic outcome.

Current Research projects in the Molecular Epidemiology Section:
Tobacco-related Cancer
Carcinogen Metabolism and Cellular Responses Studies
Cancer and Cancer Risk Behavior
Gene-Environment Interactions

Staff Members

Stefan Ambs
Head Breast & Prostate Cancer Unit
Principal Investigator

Tiffany Dorsey
Prachi Mishra
Visiting Fellow
Adrienne Starks
CRTA Fellow
Atsushi Terunuma
Staff Scientist

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