Pancreatic Cancer Unit investigates molecular pathogenesis of pancreatic cancer to determine molecular events critical to tumor progression, using an integrative biology translation research approach. Our efforts include both a focused and global approach, which involves the analyses of clinical samples to assess biological relevance of a marker (e.g., gene or metabolite) by evaluating its association with disease aggressiveness in pancreatic cancer patients, followed by the investigation of its mechanistic role in disease progression using pancreatic cancer cells and genetically engineered mouse model of pancreatic cancer. The overall aim of our research program is to understand the pancreatic tumor biology and identify critical pathways associated with tumor progression and disease aggressiveness that can be targeted for therapeutic intervention.

Current Research projects in the Pancreatic Cancer Unit:
Molecular profiling of human pancreatic cancer
Role of Inflammation in Pancreatic Cancer
Pre-clinical Mouse model of Pancreatic cancer

Staff Members

S. Perwez Hussain
Tenure Track Investigator
Head, Pancreatic Cancer Unit
Jian Wang
Visiting Fellow
Shouhui Yang
Visiting Fellow
Peijun He

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