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Updated April 10, 2000

Biomedical Resources & Links

Welcome to the FTP Server of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory Heidelberg Germany ...

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
Starting point for doing any Research on Biotechnology and browsing information...

ENTREZ Browser
Search WWW Entrez at NCBI: (1)Nucleotides (2) Proteins (3)3D structures (4)Genomes (5) Taxonomy (6) Literature - PubMed

Genbank Browser
GenBank is the NIH genetic sequence database. There are approximately 1,258,000,000 bases in 1,892,000 sequence ...

Breast Cancer Information Core (BIC)
...mutations in breast cancer susceptibility genes has provided the exciting opportunity to help identify women who are at high risk to develop breast cancer.

Nitric Oxide Home Page
NITRIC OXIDE: From diabetes to hypertension, cancer to drug addiction, stroke to intestinal motility, memory and learning disorders to ...

Tumor Genes Database
The Tumor Gene Database contains information about genes which are targets for cancer-causing mutations; proto-oncogenes and tumor supressor genes.

Harvard Biological Laboratories
Great site for lots of information on Biology and Biotechnology databases, etc...

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
AFIP is a tri-service agency of the Department of Defense with a threefold mission of consultation, education and research.

WWW Protein Resources
Access to all aspects of the online edition of Protein Science is currently provided to all visitors to this site.

Molecular Modeling
CMM, collaborates with NIH researchers on molecular modeling-related projects, sponsors the local INTER-INSTITUTE MOLECULAR MODELING INTEREST GROUP (MMIG), and acts as the curator of NIH's primary molecular modeling software collection.

Yahoo Search for Science Topics

Yahoo Search for Medicine Topics

Atlas of Pathology
The images are taken mainly from images collected by Professor Donald R. Thursh.

NIH Email directory
A CSO database usually contains a phonebook or directory. Use the search function of your browser to enter search terms. This is a gopher based search...

NIH Library
The NIH Library, located in the Clinical Center (Building 10), supports the biomedical and behavioral research needs of the NIH community with a comprehensive range of scientific, medical and administrative information and support services.

FedWorld, Federal sites on all topics
Looking for a Federal Job !! or want to browse different departments under the federal government, than this is a great beginning.

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