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Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program U.S. National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute

CPFP Intranet

Fellows Advisory Board

Active Members   Meeting Minutes
  • Gretchen Gierach
  • Roberto Flores
  • Yvonne Hunt
  • Corinne Leach
  • James McClain
  • Bríd Ryan (co-chairperson)
  • Salma Shariff-Marco (co-chairperson)
  • Joanne Watters
  • Wenny Lin

Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program (CPFP) Mission

The overarching goal of the CPFP is to provide a strong foundation for post-doctoral fellows to train and become leaders in the field of cancer prevention and control.

Missions of the CPFP Fellows Advisory Board (FAB)

  • To facilitate broader fellow involvement in the planning and execution of CPFP activities, including but not limited to recruitment, orientation, training, career development and research support.
  • To serve as a resource for and represent the interest of the fellows to the CPFP leadership.
  • To serve as a resource to the CPFP leadership.
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By-Laws for the Cancer Prevention Fellows Advisory Board

These by-laws are effective as of March 28, 2008 and were revised on April 27, 2009.

FAB Scope

The FAB may have involvement in various CPFP activities, such as the June summer orientation, the Summer Curriculum Course, CPFP alumni outreach, and the CPFP Intranet; however, the organization, planning, and execution of these activities will be undertaken by CPFP leadership and staff.

Organization and Responsibilities

Selection of Fellows for the FAB

  • All current Cancer Prevention Fellows are eligible for participation and/or membership in the FAB.
  • Fellows may join the FAB at any time by e-mailing the co-chairs.
  • The FAB strives to represent fellows across all scientific disciplines and years in the program.

Duties of Fellows on FAB

  • All FAB members are expected to regularly attend scheduled meetings.
  • All FAB members must be familiar with these by-laws and agree that their activities as members are bound by them.

Selection of FAB Co-chairs

  • The FAB will have 2 co-chairs at all times.
  • Fellows must serve on FAB for at least four months before they are eligible to be a co-chair.
  • Co-chairs are selected by a majority of vote of fellows in attendance at FAB meeting. Elections must be announced in the circulated agenda so that all interested fellows may participate.
  • Elections are held once per year during the January meeting, or during the first meeting following the departure of a co-chair.

Duties of FAB Co-chairs

  • To organize and manage meetings (including creating the agenda, recording minutes, and distributing them to FAB members via e-mail for approval).
  • To forward the agenda five business days before each FAB meeting and minutes five business days after each FAB meeting to all fellows and staff. CPFP administrative staff will post minutes to CPFP intranet monthly.
  • To serve as contacts for those wishing to contact the committee.

Duties of the CPFP Staff that Attend FAB Meetings

  • Attend FAB meetings.
  • Inform and discuss with the FAB the priorities and goals of the CPFP, the OD, and the NCI.
  • Provide support for special events as necessary.
  • Post minutes on the CPFP intranet.

Conduct of Meetings

  • FAB meetings will be held bi-monthly, on the last Wednesday of every other month (June, August, October, December, February, April) at 11:00 a.m. in the Fellowship office. This time may be altered in the future to accommodate the FAB membership and CPFP staff schedules.
  • All fellows and staff may attend FAB meetings.
  • Fellows on main-campus or off-site are welcome to join by telephone conference.


  • FAB members will review the by-laws and consider potential updates and/or revisions at least annually.
  • Proposed changes to the by-laws can be made at any time, but require a 2/3 majority vote of current FAB members to be brought to all Fellows.

Procedures to Change FAB By-Laws or Policies

  • The FAB or CPFP staff will create a proposal for the change in by-law/policy.
  • The proposed by-law/policy will be attached to the FAB agenda and e-mailed to all fellows and staff five business days before the FAB meeting.
  • Fellows and staff will discuss the merits of the by-laws or policy change at the following FAB meeting.
  • The proposed change in by-laws or policy will be announced at Fellows' Research Meeting on the following Wednesday. On that day the minutes of the prior FAB meeting and details of the potential changes will be distributed to fellows and staff.
  • Fellows will have until Friday to offer comments which will be reviewed and acted upon by the two FAB co-chairs.
  • The final by-law or policy will be e-mailed to all fellows.
  • NOTE: the same procedure will be used if the CPFP staff request FAB consultation on a policy change.
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