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Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program U.S. National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute

CPFP Intranet

Employment Resources

CPFP Alumni

Former CPFP fellows can be contacted about job opportunities at their present institutions. Addresses and telephone numbers for former fellows are included in the Address Resource Lists section.

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Professional Position Listings

Fellows are asked to scan their professional literature for positions relevant to cancer prevention and control and forward information about openings to us. All notices received by the CPFP Office will be e-mailed to the NCI DCP Fellows Group list and a hard copy is placed in a notebook in the office.

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Networking at NIH

The DCP Cancer Prevention and Control Colloquia Series and other NIH meetings present outstanding opportunities for fellows to meet the speakers and to introduce themselves to them. Fellows can also contact the CPFP Office to discuss the possibility of scheduling an appointment with individual lecturers before or after each Colloquium.

How to Host a Speaker

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Outside Organizations

Fellows are encouraged to attend professional association meetings and to get involved in and volunteer to serve on committees of professional committees if time allows. A listing of professional meetings can be found in the Meetings section of this website.

Since fellows enrolled in the CPFP are the best promoters of the CPFP, they are encouraged to arrange to have brochures and other handouts shipped to association meetings they are attending or to university campuses they are visiting. Shipment can be arranged by contacting CPFP staff two weeks prior to the event.

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Career Development Training

Both, the NIH and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) hold training courses, seminars, and workshops on interviewing techniques, resume writing, and job searching which might be helpful to fellows. The Fellows Committee at NIH also conducts seminars on job searches.

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NIH Employment Web Sites and Information

Biology GS-0401 Biostatistics GS-1530
Chemistry/Biochemistry GS-1320 Dietitian/Nutrition GS-0630
Epidemiology GS-0601 Genetics GS-0440
Medical Degree GS-0602 Microbiology GS-0403
Quantitative Methods GS-1515 or GS-1530 (check educational requirements)
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Other Employment Web Sites

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Job Banks and Other Employment Resource Web Sites

TrueCareers ( You will find positions in technical, computer, management, and health-care fields. Also, employment strategies for recent college graduates.

Career Resource Center ( Ideal for those seeking international work, this Web site contains thousands of U.S. job postings as well as opportunities in Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

CareerMagazine ( In addition to the standard set of career services-résumé writing tips, job listings, and a résumé bank-this site has career-related news and features similar to a paper magazine.

CareerBuilder ( . Thousands of jobs in virtually all fields from employers around the world are posted here. This site also provides job-hunting advice, employer profiles, job fair listings, and direct links to corporations that are hiring.

Federal Jobs ( Browse this list of 1,500 openings, updated Tuesday through Saturday, from senior-level foreign policy analysts to lab technicians.

JobBank USA ( JobBank USA boasts one of the largest and most diverse pools of job opportunities available (its nationwide listings contain information on approximately 250,00 jobs)—and it's free. The site also provides networking and information services to job candidates, employers, and recruitment firms worldwide. JobBank's résumé builder will help you create an online résumé.

JobSource ( JobSource lets you search for jobs categorically and geographically, and offers a bit of career advice and direction.

NationJob Network ( Listings are culled from newspapers, businesses, recruiting agencies, and other sources. The site's Personal Job Scout will help you search for positions based on your background, experience, and qualifications. Leads are returned to you via e-mail. Job Scout also keeps an eye on listing updates and notifies you via e-mail about suitable jobs.

The Monster Board ( This monster of an employment resource has a database with job listings, a résumé bank and a healthy dose of moral support. Develop your online résumé, then use it to apply to jobs.

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