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Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program U.S. National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute

CPFP Intranet

General Information and Resources

NIH Transport, Parking, and Maps

Entry into the Executive Plaza Complex and its Facilities

FASCARDS are used for entering and exiting the parking lot at Executive Plaza. In addition, they are needed for entry into the South building (EPS) via the parking garage, entry into both buildings on weekends, entry into the EPS library and the EPS fitness facility. FASCARDS will open gates and doors when they are placed 1 to 4 inches from the card reader. Upon notification from the CPFP or ARC, FASCARDS can be picked up (with a photo ID) from Edna Motaghi in Building 6116 Executive Boulevard, Suite 600. Lost cards can be replaced at a charge of $7.25. Fellows leaving the CPFP must return their card to the Program Office.

Public Transportation

This section includes information on commuter information, the NIH Transhare Program, and the Washington, D.C. Metrorail system.

NIH Shuttle Service (Executive Plaza and others)

Because parking at the NIH Campus is extremely tight, it is recommended that fellows take advantage of the very convenient shuttle service to and from the Executive Plaza complex (see attached shuttle schedule). For this shuttle and any other shuttle services available to the NIH community, fellows can refer to the following website:

Parking and Security

In addition to the information provided below, fellows can familiarize themselves with parking and transportation issues at this NIH website

For up-to-date security measures for the NIH Campus and its outbuildings, watch the regularly issued e-mail bulletins from the Office of Research Services (ORS) or log onto

NIH ID Card and Parking Permits

Fellows who require new or renewed NIH ID Cards must make an appointment with the Personnel Security Branch (PSB) at 301-496-0051. For detailed steps of this process visit:

The DP Special Processing Program (SPP), located in Building 31, Room B3B18 conducts security screenings from 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and from 6:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Questions can be directed to the DP Special Processing Unit at 301-435-5095.

ID Cards are individually assigned and are authorized for use by the cardholder only. Report lost or stolen ID cards to the NIH Police to prevent unauthorized use.

Cards issued to employees who have separated from NIH and unused cards, must be returned to Building 31, room B3B17.

Additional information can be found at:

The NIH ID allows fellows working in the Program Office or in one of the other NIH buildings to obtain their "Off Campus" parking permit. Parking permits can be requested from the NIH Parking Office in Bldg. 31, Room B3B04 (telephone 496-6851; hours: 7:30 a.m.—4:00 p.m.) by presenting the NIH ID, driver's license and car registration. The parking permit (hanger) must be displayed on the rear-view mirror of each vehicle.  For additional information, please refer to:

Main Campus Parking

Off Campus parking permit holders are allowed to park in spaces designated for "General Parking" permit holders (see map of parking lot positions in this section of the handbook). Parking restrictions apply to spaces reserved for "Red Parking" permit holders, "Visitors" parking and "Carpool", "Reserved" or "Handicapped" spaces. General parking permit holders can occupy designated carpool parking spaces after 10:30 a.m. The NIH police will ticket any illegally parked car.


This section includes a map and instructions on how to reach Program Office at the Executive Plaza complex in Rockville, Maryland and map of the main NIH Campus.

Directions to Executive Blvd.

NIH Campus Map:

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Fellows, as all other government employees, are required to present their NIH ID card for admittance into the Executive Plaza complex buildings and at many other buildings on the NIH Campus. In case of crime or other police-related incidents on the NIH Campus, the NIH Police Department should be contacted at 301-496-2387. For occurrences at any of NIH's off-campus buildings, the Montgomery County Police should be called at 9–911.

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Useful Websites and Resources

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Contacting CPFP staff, current fellows, alumni

NAME Place Current Employment Current Position Wk Phone Wk E-mail
Abnet, Christian C. NCI/NIH Investigator 301-594-1511
Anderson, William F. NCI/NIH Principal Investigator 301-594-9125
Augustson, Erik M. NCI/NIH Behavioral Scientist/Clinical Psychologist 301-435-7610
Aziz, Noreen M. NCI/NIH Senior Program Officer 301-496-0598
Azzam, Hala University of Maryland Baltimore Assistant Professor & Program Director 410-706-2079
Baffi, Charles        
Bakos, Alexis Brown NIH/NINR Program Director 301-594-2542
Barzani, Dilyara Ministry of Health, Kurdistan Regional Government Senior Health Advisor 1-571-426-0836 (USA); 964-750-445-2268 (Iraq)
Beane-Freeman, Laura NCI/NIH Research Fellow 301-451-8793
Bellizzi, Keith NCI/NIH Program Director 301-594-4687
Berko, Retford O. FDA Scientific Reviewer
Berrigan, David A. NCI/NIH Investigator 301-594-1511
Bluhm, Elizabeth
Bober, Mary A. UCLA/Cedars-Sinao Med Ctr Research Associate/Postdoctoral Fellow
Boyd, Neal Richard The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Associate Dean, Newark Campus and Associate Dean, Education and Assessment and Professor, Health Education and Behavioral Science 973-972-8903
Breslow, Rosalind A. NIAAA/NIH Epidemiologist 301-594-6231
Buchanan, David University of Massachusetts Professor and Director 413-545-1312
Buckel, Tamy Hershey Medical Center Dermatology Resident
Butsch Kovacic, Melinda Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Assistant Professor of Pediatrics 513-803-0130
Campbell, Miriam K. Health Care Financing Admin Epidemiologist 301-594-1511
Canto, Maria T. NCI/NIH Director 301-594-5497
Cantwell, Marie Queens University Belfast Lecturer
Castle, Philip E. NCI/NIH Investigator 301-435-3976
Clayman, Marla Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Assistant Professor 312-695-0278
Colbert, Lisa H. University of Wisconsin-Madison Assistant Professor 608-265-5946
Coleman, Elizabeth Ann University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Chair, Dept. of Nursing Science, College of Nursing; Professor, Dept. of Nursing Science, College of Nursing; Cooper Chair in Oncology Nursing, Professor, Dept. of Internatl Medicine, College of Medicine 501-661-7902
Cotugna, Nancy Ann University of Delaware Professor 302-831-1006
Cronin, Kathleen A. DCCPS, NCI, NIH Mathematical Statistician
Dixon, Lori Beth New York University Associate Professor and Director 212-998-5584
Dores, Graça M. NCI/NIH Associate Director 301-496-8640
Dorgan, Joanne F. Fox Chase Cancer Center Principal Investigator 215-728-5893
Ellison, Gary University of Maryland, School of Medicine Investigator 410-706-6753
Eng-Wong, Jennifer NCI/NIH Staff Clinician 301-496-5320
Fenton, Jenifer Michigan State University Research Assistant Professor 517-355-8474 x 157
Figueroa-Valles, Nayda R. University of Puerto Rico Cancer Center Medical Practice
Finney Rutten, Lila J. NCI/NIH Health Scientist
Frankenfeld, Cara CSR, Incorporated   703-312-7133
Freedman, Daryl Michal NCI/NIH Staff Scientist 301-594-7163
Fuemmeler, Bernard Duke University Medical Center Department of Community and Family Medicine 919-681-7171
Gerlach, Karen K. (Joyce) Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Senior Program Officer 609-627-5917
Glynn, Simone Westat Epidemiologist 609-627-5917
Goodman, Julie Gradient Corporation Director of Epidemiology 617-395-5525
Gorelic, Lester S. NCI/NIH Program Director 301-496-8580
Greene, Amanda Nova Research Company Senior Researcher/Program Evaluator 301-986-1891 x 113
Guttierrez-Mohamed, Mary Lou Univ of Mississippi Med Sch Assistant Professor
Haggstrom, David Indiana Univ School of Medicine Assistant Professor 317-988-4493
Hammond, Camille University of Maryland School of Medicine Program Director 410-796-1040
Han, Paul NCI/NIH Medical Officer 301-594-6642
Hance, Kenneth NCI/NIH Senior Research Fellow 301-451-1415
Harrold, Joan K. Hospice of Lancaster County Medical Director and Vice President, Medical Services 717-391-2431
Hartman, Terryl J. The Pennsylvania State University Associate Professor, Nutrition 814-865-8747
Hawk, Ernest T. NCI/NIH Director 301-496-8537
Hoffman-Goetz, Laurie University of Waterloo Professor 519-885-1211 x 33098
Holmberg, Andrea Christine Economics Charite-Medical School Berlin Researcher 4 930 450 529 192
Hord, Norman G. Michigan State University Associate Professor 517-344-8474 x 186
Houn, Florence FDA-Food and Drug Administration Deputy Director 301-827-5105
Howerton, Mollie W. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Instructor, Department of Oncology 410-502-0014
Hu, Nan DCS, NCI, NIH Staff Fellow
Hudson, Tamaro NCI/NIH Fellow 301-594-1102
Huerta, Elmer E. Washington Cancer Institute at Washington Hospital Center Cancer Prevention Specialist 202-877-0991/7929
Hunt, Martha DC Dept Health Psychologist
Hursting, Stephen D. University of Texas at Austin Professor and Margaret McKean Love Chair in Nutrition, Cellular and Molecular Sciences 512-471-2809
Husten, Corinne G. CDC Medical Officer
Jepson, Christopher A. University of Pennsylvania Biostatistician 215-746-6827
Jones, Elizabeth Carol Clinical Center, NIH Staff Radiologist
Kafadar, Karen University of Colorado at Denver Professor 303-556-2547
Kant, Ashima K. Queens College of CUNY Professor 718-997-4156
Kavanaugh, Claudine J. FDA-Food and Drug Administration Scientist, Nutrition Science Review Team 301-436-1847
Kennedy, Christopher H. MSD-Management System Designers Editor/Domain expert 859-368-0404
Kidd, La Creis Renee Univ of Louisville School of Medicine Assistant Professor 502-852-3465
Klabunde, Carrie N. NCI/NIH Epidemiologist 301-402-3362
Knopf, Kevin B. Pacific Hematology Oncology Associates Medical Oncologist and Hematologist 415-923-3012  
Korde, Larissa NCI/NIH Staff Clinician 301-402-2183
Kreimer, Aimee NCI/NIH Epidemiologist 301-594-0839
Lamar, Charisee NICHHD/NIH Director, Reproductive Neuroendocrine Program and Director, Interdisciplinary Research in Reproduction Program 301-496-6515
Lan, Qing NCI/NIH Investigator 301-435-4706
Lavigne, Jackie Ann University of Minnesota Associate Professor 612-626-9099
Lawrence, Deirdre M. NCI/NIH Associate Director 301-496-8640 deirdre@alum.mi
Lawson, Karla NCI/NIH Mansfield Fellow 03-5403-7228
Lazovich, DeAnn Children's Hospital of Austin Research Scientist
Lemon, Stephen J. DCT, NCI, NIH Clinical Oncology Fellow
Li, Lin WebMD/ViPS Oracle DBA/Data Analyst 410-832-8330 x 8129
Limburg, Paul J. Mayo Clinic Rochester Director  507-266-4338
Lowrey, Kerri McGowan NOVA Research Company Asst General Counsel and Health Policy Specialist
Mahabir, Somdat UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Assistant Professor 713-563-5783
Mai, Volker University of Maryland, SOM Assistant Professor, and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept. of Immunology and Microbiology 410-706-4583
Marcus, Pamela M. NCI/NIH Epidemiologist 301-496-7468
Marcy, Theodore W. University of Vermont College of Medicine Professor of Medicine 802-656-3650
Marino, Christina Advanced Dermatology and Skin Surgery Data Manager 509-456-8444
McKinney, Martha Pearsall The Council of State Governments Associate Director for Research 859-244-8168
Mebane-McGinty, Crystal Washington Hospital Center Resident, Internal Medicine    
Mechanic, Leah E. Westat Study Manager 301-610-8835
Merrill, Ray M. DCPC, NCI, NIH Mathematical Statistician
Miller, Melissa     571-232-8306
Mink, Pamela Exponent Managing Scientist 202-772-4921
Misra, R(ohini) Rita NCI/NIH Senior Regulatory Scientist 301-496-7912
Molinaro, Annette Yale University School of Medicine Assistant Professor 203-785-4157
Muñoz, Kathryn A. Merck Research Laboratories Epidemiologist
Mysliwiec, Pauline A. Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Assistant Chief Gastroenterology 707-651-2686
Nebeling, Linda C. NCI/NIH Chief 301-435-7547
Nunez, Nomeli University of Texas at Austin Assistant Professor 512-471-3243
O’Mara, Ann M. DCP, NCI, NIH Program Director    
Paltoo, Dina Nicole NHLBI/NIH Program Director 301-435-0513
Parascandola, Mark NCI/NIH Epidemiologist 301-451-4587
Patel Varanasi, Arti Westat Study Manager 301-294-3952
Piper, Margaret A. Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists Epidemiologist
Poetschke Klug, Heather Lee The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College Assistant Professor 956-882-5060
Pommerenke, Forrest A. DCPC, NCI, NIH Program Director
Prindiville, Sheila A. NCI/NIH Director 301-451-5048
Radimer, Kathy L. CDC, National Center for Health Statistics Nutritional Epidemiologist 301-458-4684
Randolph, Whitney Westat Epidemiologist 240-314-7509
Rao, Madhusudan G. AmeriPath Tulsa Pathologist 918-579-7795
Ratnasinghe, Duminda (Luke) D. Genomic Nanosystems, Inc. Senior Vice President for Research 501-517-1648
Reedy, Jill NCI/NIH   301-594-6605
Robinson (Johnson), JaMuir Capella University Adjunct Faculty Position
Rogers, Connie Jo NCI/NIH Senior Research Fellow 301-451-1417
Ross, Sharon A. NCI/NIH Program Director 301-594-7547
Rossi, Susan C. NIH Deputy Director 301-496-5641
Sansbury, Leah NCI/NIH
Sauma, Samir J. NCI/NIH Senior Health Science Policy Analyst 301-402-7518
Shankar, Sharada Washington Cancer Institute, Washington Hospital Center Scientific Director, Cancer Control
Sinha, Rashmi NCI/NIH Senior Investigator, Deputy Branch Chief 301-496-6426
Slesinski, Mary Jane Klemm Analysis Group Epidemiologist
Slutsman, Julia
Smith, Ashley NCI/NIH Behavioral Scientist  301-451-1843
Srinivas, Pothur R. NHLBI/NIH Program Director 301-435-0550
Srivastava, Sudhir NCI/NIH Chief 301-496-3983
Steck (Scott), Susan University of South Carolina Research Assistant Professor 803-734-4431
Stolzenberg-Solomon, Rachael NCI/NIH Investigator 301-594-2939
Stotts, R (Roger) Craig University of Tennessee Health Science Center Professor and Managing Editor, Southern Online Journal of Nursing Research 501-753-7098
Subar, Amy F. NCI/NIH Research Nutritionist 301-594-0831
Sullivan, Susan E. Duke Comprehensive Cancer Research Associate    
Sweeney, Christine Pinney Associates Scientist 301-718-8440
Tejeda, Heriberto A. St. Peter's Medical Center Internal Medicine Resident
Thomas-Vadaparampil, Susan H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center Assistant Professor 813-745-1997
Tooze, Janet Wake Forest University School of Medicine Assistant Professor 336-716-3833
Vargas, Yvonne NCI/NIH Medical Officer 301-594-1567
Velie, Ellen M. Michigan State University Associate Professor 517-353-8623 x 118
Wanke, Kay NIDA/NIH Health Scientist Administrator 301-451-8663
Wasson, Katherine The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center Chief, Clinical Ethics Service and Assistant Professor, Critical Care 713-792-8775  
Wells, Barbara L. Health Resources and Services Admin Director of Evaluation
Wewers, Mary Ellen The Ohio State University Professor & Associate Dean for Research 614-292-3137
Whiteside, Martin State of Tennessee Director, Office of Cancer Surveillance 615-532-7903
Whitted, Jacqueline NCI/NIH Public Health Advisor 301-496-0129
Williams-Brown, Shanita Morehouse School of Medicine Research Scholar, National Center for Primary Care and Assistant Professor, Dept of Community Health & Preventive Medicine 404-756-8951
Woodson, Karen G. DCS, NCI, NIH Senior Staff Fellow
Xie, Heng NCI/NIH Medical Officer & Program Director 301-496-8866
Zanetti, Krista
Zecevic, Maja The Lancet Senior Editor 212-633-3667
Zemlo, Tamara R. BioInformatics Director of Syndicated Research & Analysis 703-778-3080 x 25
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Listed below are several frequently used acronyms. A more extensive list can be referenced at

DHHS or HHS Department of Health and Human Services
PHS Public Health Service
NIH National Institutes of Health
NCI National Cancer Institute
CCR Center for Cancer Research
DCB Division of Cancer Biology
DCCPS Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
DCEG Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics
DCP Division of Cancer Prevention
DCTD Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
DEA Division of Extramural Activities
OPO Office of Preventive Oncology
CDC Centers for Disease Control
AO Administrative Officer
EOD Entered on Duty
EPN Executive Plaza North (6130 Executive Boulevard)
EPS Executive Plaza South (6120 Executive Boulevard)
FY Fiscal Year
IC Institute/Center
OD Office of the Director
Extramural refers to research supported by the NIH through grants and contracts with outside organizations
Intramural pertains to research conducted by NIH scientists at NIH laboratories

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Telephones, fax, and mail

The NIH Telephone System

To place a local call it is necessary to dial 9, followed by the 10-digit telephone number.

A long-distance call requires a 9+1 and the 10-digit telephone number.

Overseas phone calls (Canada included) need to be arranged through the NIH operator by dialing "0". The operator will ask for the caller's billing number (the Program Office's extension 301-496-8640) and Institute (NCI) and will then connect the caller with an overseas operator who will ask for the country (code) and telephone number to be called.

The NIH Telephone Directory

Fellows are provided with an NIH Telephone Directory when they start work at the CPFP Program Office. The directory's "Personnel" listing includes the names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers of NIH employees. In addition, the directory includes an organizational listing by Institute/Center (IC), which furnishes information about the organizational entities and their senior staff. The "Yellow Pages" list central services of the NIH (i.e., parking, cafeterias, meeting rooms, etc.) their locations and phone numbers and feature other topics of general interest.

Individuals at NIH can also be located at, and fellows can use this URL to change their personal NIH Directory entry or to change their e-mail forwarding service. Easy-to-follow steps are provided after accessing this URL.

Business Mail


Fellow's Name
Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program
National Cancer Institute
Executive Plaza South, Suite 150E
6120 Executive Boulevard, MSC 7105
Bethesda, MD 20892-7105


Fellow's Name
Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program
National Cancer Institute
Executive Plaza South, Suite 150E
6120 Executive Blvd.
Rockville, MD 20852-7105

Fellows should use the above addresses to give as their contact by mail as long as they work in the Program Office.

Incoming mail is sorted in the Program Office and distributed to the individual desks. Fellows who have moved to their preceptor-sponsored positions are asked to periodically check with the Program Office about mail they may have received to the EPS/T-41 address. Interoffice mail is sent and delivered in government messenger envelopes. All outgoing, official (business) mail is to be placed in appropriate-sized government envelopes and sent through the NIH mail system. Personal mail should not be sent through the NIH mail system; it can be placed in the U.S. Postal Service mailbox on the premises (first floor of EPN, near the loading dock).

Fellows leaving the Program Office to work in one of the preceptor-sponsored positions are asked to notify program staff and the EPS mailroom of their new mailing address, telephone number, etc.

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Information Technology

Contact Information:

NIH Help Desk (301-496-4357)
301-496-4357 (voice)
866-319-4357 (voice)
301-496-8294 (TDD)
301-402-7349 (fax)

Remote Access Connection Methods:

Parachute/Modem provides dial-up access to NIH and Institute computing resources while working with a home or mobile computer equipped with a modem. This method utilizes your current phone line though it does not allow voice calls to be made over the same line while connected to Parachute. Connection Speed: 56Kbps

Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows NIH employees to access the NIH network and Institute computing resources over a third-party Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as that from Verizon DSL, AOL, or Comcast Cable. You will need to contact your third-party ISP to verify that the ISP allows VPN over their network. Connection Speed: Not applicable as this service uses your current Internet connection so it is dependent on that connection's speed.

If you are interested in a remote access account, please read the attached policy, then complete and submit the request form to our office for approval and processing. Once you are notified that your account has been established, you will need to complete the mandatory security training to maintain your privileges.

Remote Access Policy

Remote Access Request Form

NIH Information Security Awareness Training Course (a requirement for remote access privileges)

Available Programs and Software:

The Center for Information Technology operates the Information Systems Designated Procurement (iSDP) to acquire and deliver brand-name software, hardware and services to HHS and NIH personnel. The iSDP takes advantage of large volume purchasing agreements to provide significantly discounted prices to its customers. The iSDP also saves its participants time and money by eliminating the need to search for the best information systems deals.

List of programs and software available through NIH

Contacts for software distribution within NCI


The NIH LISTSERV facility is an e-mail-based server that allows users to create, manage, and control electronic "mailing lists" on a network. LISTSERV manages list subscriptions, maintains archives of posted messages, optimizes mass mail delivery, and so forth. LISTSERV allows any networked user to subscribe to lists, receive list postings, query LISTSERV, set up a new list, access list archives, etc. The NIH LISTSERV facility is administered by the CIT Division of Network Systems and Telecommunications.


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