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April 25, 2008

FAB Members Present: Genevieve Dunton, Jonine Figueroa, Neal Freedman, Gretchen Gierach (co-chairperson), Gwen Murphy, Goli Samimi (co-chairperson), Bríd Ryan, and Joanne Watters

Others Present: Betsy Hsu, Roycelynn Mentor-Marcel, Jonathan Wiest (Acting Director)

  1. Update on FAB membership
    • Welcome to Genevieve Dunton, our new FAB member!
    • Jonine Figueroa, Neal Freedman, and Joanne Watters will be stepping down from FAB as their terms (as CP Fellows) end in the coming months.
    • It was announced at the last FRM that all current Cancer Prevention Fellows are eligible for participation and/or membership in the FAB, and fellows may join the FAB at any time.
  2. Review status of fellows' welcome messages sent to incoming class (Jonine)
    • As of the FAB meeting time, all incoming fellows had been contacted by their respective current fellows.
    • Most current fellows have not heard back from their incoming fellows, although several mentioned that they had been in communication with the incoming fellow previously.
    • The general consensus was that the welcome from a current fellow is a good idea; however, in future years the welcome should be sent earlier than April (e.g. once the incoming fellow has accepted offer to the program).
  3. CPFs needed for selection committee(s) for Program Director and Biomedical Scientist position (Jonathan)
    • FAB is currently accepting volunteers and nominations from fellows who are interested in serving on the Selection Committee(s); an e-mail was circulated to fellows stating that all names should be submitted by COB Tuesday 4/29.
    • Jonathan informed us of the status of the search:
      • Positions for the Program Director and Biomedical Scientist have both closed.
      • The Human Resources Department needs to release the application packages in order for the interview/selection process to move forward.
      • For the Director's position, the number of applicants is in the teens; there are fewer applicants for the Biomedical Scientist position.
      • The Quality Review Board (QRB) will go through all applications to make sure that all applicants who are eligible for the position have been included.
      • Because Jonathan is the selecting official for the Biomedical Scientist position, he cannot serve on the QRB for that position (Jackie will serve on the QRB). Dr. Niederhuber is the selecting official for the Director position.
      • Once applicants are ranked, they will be invited for interviews. It is expected that ~3–4 candidates will be interviewed for each position.
      • In terms of time commitment; Jonathan estimates that the interview process for the Director's position could take approximately 4 days. The Biomedical Scientist position interviews should take ~2 days because it's expected that these applicants will likely be internal.
    • There was consensus that ~3 fellows should serve on each selection committee: 1 recent alum and 2 current fellows (one veteran and one newer fellow). There was also consensus that fellows on the search committee should represent different scientific disciplines.
    • Once the list is complete, Jonathan and Jackie will select which fellows will serve on each search committee.
  4. Update on CPF program staff
    • The fellows are in need of staff support during CPFP events, including the Wednesday afternoon colloquia series.
    • Nina Betru has resigned from the program; Jonathan and Jackie interviewed a potential replacement on Monday 4/28.
    • Starting the week of 4/28, there will be some new individuals who will be working in the CPF office temporarily, including:
      • A "stay-in-schooler" whose main assignment will be to clean out the back office and prepare it for the incoming fellows.
      • A "presidential management intern" whose main assignments will be to send thank you and invitation letters to speakers, work on the summer curriculum course, the intranet (including adding fellows' biosketches), and the updated CPFP catalog. She will be working with the program for 2–5 weeks.
  5. Betsy Hsu presented on behalf of the Brown Bag Luncheon Series Committee:

    Remaining session for this year:

    1. May 14: Choosing the right study section for your grant proposal. Sabra Wooley (organized by Erica)
    2. May 24 interviewing/negotiation (tentative; no speaker confirmed yet, hoping for Steve Gallison)
      • They are considering a 2 hour session because the last session (CVs) ran long and interviewing/negotiation are two different topics so maybe people could come to only one or the other depending on their interests.
      • Consensus from those in attendance at the FAB meeting was that 2 hours is not ideal.
    3. June 11: Media training/relations (June 11 and 25 session may be swapped depending on speaker availability)
    4. June 25: Search committees (panel session)
      • Planning on a panel consisting of people who have served on search committees in government (hoping for Rick Moser), academia in epi or behavioral, possibly private sector (Betsy has contacted Arti Patel and Pam Minks for recommendations), and possibly academia basic science.

    Next year:

    1. We haven't had great attendance this year, and are often outnumbered by DCEG fellows (although it appears that the same core group of people attend each session).
    2. We are planning on sending out a survey after remaining sessions to see what topics the fellows are interested in and if maybe a change in time/frequency would help with people being able to make
    3. Depending on what happens with colloquia next year, we have tentatively considered cutting back to once a month at 11 a.m.
    4. Plan is to post electronic copies of all the presentations and handouts from this year on the intranet.

Action Items:

  1. The following documents need to be posted to the CPFP Intranet in a FAB folder:
    1. FAB meeting minutes
    2. FAB by-laws
    3. CPF biosketches from 2007 Fellows' Scientific Symposium
  2. Finalize orientation schedule for sessions which require involvement from current fellows.

The next FAB meeting will be held on Friday, May 30th, at 4:00 p.m. in T-41.