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April 16, 2009

FAB Members Present: Gretchen Gierach (co-chairperson), Gwen Murphy, Bríd Ryan, Goli Samimi (co-chairperson), Salma Shariff-Marco and Joanne Watters

Others Present: Jessica Faupel-Badger (Associate Director), Yvonne Hunt, David Nelson (Director), Dana van Bemmel (Associate Director)

Missions of the CPFP Fellows Advisory Board (FAB)

  • To facilitate broader fellow involvement in the planning and execution of CPFP activities, including but not limited to recruitment, orientation, training, career development and research support.
  • To serve as a resource for and represent the interest of the fellows to the CPFP leadership.
  • To serve as a resource to the CPFP leadership.
  1. The by-laws were reviewed and these minor changes were suggested:
    1. FAB meetings will occur on a bi-monthly basis on the last Wednesday of every other month (June, August, October, December, February, April) at 11 a.m. in the Fellowship Office.
    2. Fellows may join the FAB at any time by e-mailing the co-chairs.
    3. The scope of FAB was edited such that it only includes the potential involvement with CPFP activities without direct involvement in the Career Development Series or the Colloquia Series.
  2. Call for FAB members and nominations for new co-chair
    1. The FAB strives to represent Fellows across all scientific disciplines and years in the program. Gwen Murphy's last day in the CPFP will be on June 26, 2009. New FAB members are needed at this time!
    2. Goli Samimi's last day in the CPFP will be on June 20, 2009. Nominations for a new co-chair are currently being accepted. According to the FAB bylaws, Fellows must serve on FAB for at least four months before they are eligible to be a co-chair.
    3. Brád will draft an email to the Fellows regarding membership and co-chair nominations.
    4. Next FAB Meeting: Wednesday, June 3rd at 11 a.m. in the Fellowship Office. The election of the new co-chair will occur at the next FAB meeting.
  3. Steps to Ensure CPFP Excellence
    1. Dave Nelson will be scheduling individual meetings with current preceptors.
    2. The CPFP staff is currently re-evaluating the training components of the Program.
    3. The CPFP staff will draft a document describing objectives and guidelines for the Fellows' Research Meetings. Fellows will have the opportunity to provide input.
  4. Incoming 2009 Cohort
    1. Orientation for incoming Fellows will take place during the week of June 22, 2009. The CPFP staff will send additional details to current Fellows regarding their requested involvement.
    2. The CPFP staff will circulate a draft syllabus of summer course speakers to current Fellows in order that Fellows may initiate networking meetings with invited speakers should they so desire.
  5. Networking with CPFP Alumni
    1. The CPFP Alumni database will be updated once the Program has additional administrative support.
    2. The FAB discussed the possibility of planning for an informal CPFP reunion during AACR 2010 which will be held in Washington, D.C.
  6. CPFP Intranet
    1. The current focus is updating the Intranet, and this will be completed once the Program has additional administrative support.
    2. Fellows should alert Dana if they identify any errors/inconsistencies on the CPFP web site/Intranet.
  7. Colloquia Series
    1. Expectations for Fellows' attendance will be discussed at orientation.
    2. The Program Staff will detail Fellows' responsibilities for hosting speakers and circulate to Fellows.
  8. CPFP Recruitment: Gwen and Bríd discussed possible ideas for increasing awareness of the CPFP in Ireland.