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August 28, 2008

FAB Members Present: Genevieve Dunton, Gretchen Gierach (co-chairperson), Gwen Murphy, Goli Samimi (co-chairperson), Salma Shariff-Marco and Joanne Watters

Others Present: Paul Doria-Rose, Jessica Faupel-Badger (Associate Director), Shahinaz Gadalla, Elizabeth Hsu, Dana van Bemmel (Associate Director), Jonathan Wiest (Acting Director), Yvonne Hunt

  1. Welcome Dana!
    • Dana requested copies of the FAB by-laws and meeting minutes as well as a list of items to be posted and/or updated on the CPFP Fellows' Intranet.
  2. Update on the CPFP Director Search
    • The goal is to have a new director on board for the review and selection process for the incoming 2009 class of Cancer Prevention Fellows.
  3. Update 2008–9 Colloquia Series
    • Dana has received only a handful of nominations for speakers for the colloquia series and she is still accepting nominations. The Fellows' Advisory Board discussed ways to encourage fellows to take advantage of this excellent networking opportunity.
    • Any fellow may nominate a speaker by sending Dana van Bemmel an e-mail as soon as possible. It would be appreciated if you sent their name, institution, and a few sentences about their research.
    • It is expected that the majority of the nominations will be invited. If necessary, speakers will be prioritized based on seniority of the nominated fellows; seniority is being considered only to ensure that those fellows in their last year have an opportunity to invite speakers before leaving the program.
    • Suggested speakers will be selected based on availability and diversity of topic, with the guidance of CPFP staff. The nominating fellow will be notified and provided with instructions as to how to contact their suggested speaker (these instructions were circulated to fellows on August 14th).
    • Once a speaker accepts the invitation, the speaker should be instructed to frame the talk for a general audience with a broad research base. These instructions could be provided in a phone call scheduled prior to the talk in which expectations are discussed. The CPFP staff will provide guidance to the nominating fellow in this regard.
    • Once a speaker has accepted an invitation, all further correspondence with the CPFP administrative staff (for scheduling, travel, etc.) will include Dana and the nominating fellow to ensure proper communication.
  4. CPFP Fall Interviews scheduled for October 22, 23, and 24
    • Please mark your calendars! Current fellows will be asked to assist on interview days by signing up for time slots to meet and welcome applicants. In particular, volunteers will be needed during the morning hours (8 a.m. to 1 p.m.). Jill Koshiol has been invited to serve on this year's interview panel.
  5. Update from Brown Bag Committee
    • The brown bag committee will be circulating a survey to fellows as they plan for the upcoming year.
  6. CPFP Office Move
    • The CPFP offices will be moving to the 1st floor of EPS sometime this fall.
  7. CPFP Staff
    • Interviews are being conducted for a new CPFP staff member (one of the contract positions).
  8. CPFP breakfast to welcome Associate Directors to be held on 9/17 at 9:15 a.m. in T-41.

Action Items:

  1. The following documents need to be posted to the CPFP Intranet in a FAB folder:
    1. FAB meeting minutes
    2. FAB by-laws
    3. CPF biosketches from 2008 Fellows' Scientific Symposium
  2. The CPFP Travel Policy needs to be updated to include that there are certain limitations on the use of funds from the current fiscal year for meetings and travel that will occur during the next fiscal year. We can only use current fiscal year funds to pay for registration for a meeting/training that will occur in the next fiscal year if there is a discounted rate for registering in the current fiscal year. If there is no discount before the end of the fiscal year, then the registration must be paid with funds from the next fiscal year. We cannot use current fiscal year funds to pay for hotels, airfare or other travel related costs that will be incurred in next fiscal year because we cannot pay for these expenses until the travel actually occurs.

The next FAB meeting will be held on Friday, September 26th at 4 p.m.