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July 25, 2008

FAB Members Present: Jonine Figueroa (outgoing member), Gretchen Gierach (co-chairperson), Gwen Murphy, Bríd Ryan, Goli Samimi (co-chairperson) and Salma Shariff-Marco

Others Present: Jessica Faupel-Badger (Associate Director), Sharon Glynn, Jonathan Wiest (Acting Director)

  1. Welcome Jessica!
    • Jessica was given copies of the FAB bylaws and meeting minutes.
  2. Jonathan's new position to lead the new NCI Center for Cancer Training (CCT), which includes the CPFP, has been officially announced. There's a description of this new training program in the July edition of the NCI Cancer Bulletin:
  3. Update on 2008–9 Colloquia Series
    • The colloquia series will no longer be coordinated by DCP and will remain a CPFP colloquia series, also supported by DCCPS and DCEG.
    • The series may no longer be accredited for continuing medical education (CME).
    • The CPFP staff will be responsible for coordinating the logistics of the series, including scheduling, sending the official invitation documents, arranging travel, reserving the conference room, setting up and shutting down the computer, providing the laser pointer, parking and transportation information for the speakers, travel reimbursement, etc.
    • The Fellows will be responsible for nominating, inviting, and hosting speakers.
    • Fellows are encouraged to nominate speakers and may do so by sending Jonathan an e-mail as soon as possible but preferably before August 18, 2008.
    • Speaker nominations will be rolling so if fellows think of other speakers they would like to invite in the future, they will be considered when there are availability/openings in the schedule.
    • It is expected that the majority of the nominations will be invited; if necessary, speakers will be prioritized based on seniority of the nominated fellows.
    • Suggested speakers will be selected based on availability and diversity of topic, with the guidance of CPFP staff. The nominating fellow will be notified to contact their suggested speaker.
    • Detailed instructions for how to invite and host a speaker will be provided on the fellows' intranet—fellows will contact the speaker and provide contact information for the CPFP staff to arrange travel, etc. The fellow is responsible for arranging the speaker's day, including setting up a lunch with fellows, etc., if the speaker is available and willing.
  4. CPFP Picnic
    • The idea of a program-wide picnic was discussed and there was support from FAB for having a family-friendly social activity. Ideas for this included organizing a picnic on a weekend or exploring ways to make one of our other social activities more family-oriented.
  5. Stipend issues
    • Goli mentioned that she had received some e-mails from fellows who were concerned about receiving notification that there had been a correction made to errors in their stipends. The two concerns were 1) why the correction is not retroactive and 2) how we can ensure that a problem like this doesn't happen in the future.
    • It should be noted that stipends for ALL fellows were recently reviewed and ~12 fellows had stipend errors. These errors were corrected and those fellows were notified.
    • The main issue is that fellows had no way of checking what their stipend is meant to be and hadn't seen the stipend table before signing their contracts.
    • Jonathan described that the stipend table is located on the MyNCI portal. In addition, FAB suggested that the table be distributed to all fellows, as new fellows do not have access to MyNCI. The stipend table is included at the end of these minutes.
    • In reference to correcting the problem retroactively, Jonathan mentioned that the error was only from this recent contract year. Thus, the error only covered a maximum of a few weeks so there wasn't much lost. The government is not able to retroactively correct payments.
    • If any fellows have questions, they can contact Jessica or Jonathan and they will try their best to answer questions concerning stipends.

Action Items:

  1. The following documents need to be posted to the CPFP Intranet in a FAB folder:
    1. FAB meeting minutes
    2. FAB by-laws
    3. CPF biosketches from 2007 Fellows' Scientific Symposium

The next FAB meeting will be held on Thursday, August 28th at 4 p.m.

Category 5 — Postdoctoral Degree Stipends (CCR) — 05/01/2008

Based on Years of Relevant
Postdoctoral Research Experience
  05/01/2008 POSTDOC LEVELS
with 4.4% Increase
0–1 Year   $46,200
1–2 Years   $50,200
2–3 Years   $52,800
3–4 Years   $56,800
4–5 Years   $59,400
5–6 Years1   $62,100
6–7 Years1   $66,100
7–8 Years1   $68,700
2nd Yr   $72,700
3rd Yr   $75,200
4th Yr   $78,000
5th Yr   $78,000