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June 3, 2009

FAB Members Present: Gretchen Gierach (outgoing co-chairperson), Yvonne Hunt, James McClain, Gwen Murphy, Bríd Ryan (incoming co-chairperson), Goli Samimi (outgoing co-chairperson), Salma Shariff-Marco (incoming co-chairperson) and Joanne Watters

Others Present: David Nelson, Dana van Bemmel, Jessica Faupel-Badger, Paul Doria-Rose, Erika Waters, Kate Weaver, as well as the incoming CPFP fellows who just finished their MPH year at Hopkins

Missions of the CPFP Fellows Advisory Board (FAB)

  • To facilitate broader fellow involvement in the planning and execution of CPFP activities, including but not limited to recruitment, orientation, training, career development and research support.
  • To serve as a resource for and represent the interest of the fellows to the CPFP leadership.
  • To serve as a resource to the CPFP leadership.

By-Laws for the Cancer Prevention Fellows Advisory Board can be found at the following URL:

  1. Review of FAB mission and by-laws for incoming Fellows
    • Brief review of by-laws, conditions of membership and the election of co-chairpersons.
    • New FAB members were welcomed (Yvonne Hunt and James McClain)
    • All current Cancer Prevention Fellows are eligible for participation and/or membership in the FAB. Fellows may join the FAB at any time by remailingg the co-chairs!
  2. Ballot for new co-chairpersons
    • All fellows that were present at the meeting, with the exception of the incoming fellows, were issued ballots: Bríd Ryan and Salma Shariff-Marco were elected as the new FAB co-chairpersons
  3. Update on orientation for incoming Fellows
    • The orientation week schedule (June 22nd) was finalized and will be circulated to Fellows.
    • Many Fellows have already volunteered* for the "Preceptor Search" session and the "Behind Closed Doors" session, both on June 24th. Salma Shariff-Marco has taken the lead to organize the "Preceptor Search" presentation.
    • Details of the pot-luck lunch on Monday June 22nd to follow in an e-mail from Jessica—send your choices to Ellen, who will put together the list of who is bringing which dish.
  4. Guidelines for Fellows Research Meeting
    • Discussion following Fellows Research Meeting of May 27th allowed all Fellows present to voice their concerns/opinions regarding the structure and purpose of Fellows Research Meeting. All Fellows are invited to share whatever further comments they might have with the Cancer Prevention Fellowship staff.
  5. Cancer Prevention Fellowship Staff Items
    • Studly will begin putting together a handbook for incoming Fellows. The handbook will act as "Go-To" resource for incoming Fellows and will be separate than the OITE Post-Doctoral handbook, and more specific for CPFP. If fellows have any suggestions to include in the handbook, please let the staff know.
    • David Nelson has spoken with Jill Koshiol (former CPFP fellow) and others regarding expansion of training initiatives for Cancer Prevention Fellows.
    • Jessica Faupel-Badger discussed the Cancer Prevention Fellowship program staff's plans to assign each Fellow to one of the Associate Directors (Jessica Faupel-Badger or Dana van Bemmel)*. The suggested plan lists Dana van Bemmel as the point of contact for incoming and 2nd year Fellows and Jessica Faupel-Badger as the point of contact for 3rd and 4th year Fellows. It is hoped that the proposed system would simplify administrative issues on a day-to-day basis for Fellows. Administrative tasks shared between Tiffany and Studly will be formalized soon and disseminated to Fellows.
    • David Nelson will speak on future administrative/organizational issues relating to the Cancer Prevention Fellowship at the 8th Annual Cancer Prevention Fellows' Scientific Symposium (to be held on September 16, 2009).
  6. Update on Summer Curriculum
    • The schedule for this year's Summer Curriculum in Cancer Prevention is almost finalized though a contractor has not been appointed as yet. The CPFP staff circulated a draft syllabus* of summer course speakers in order that Fellows may initiate networking meetings with invited speakers should they so desire.
    • The Annual Advances in Cancer Prevention speaker will be Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade.

The next FAB meeting will be on Wednesday, August 26th at 11 a.m.


  1. List of fellows who volunteered for the orientation activities on June 24th
  2. CPFP point-of-contacts overview
  3. Draft syllabus for summer course