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March 28, 2008

FAB Members Present: Jonine Figueroa, Neal Freedman, Gretchen Gierach (co-chairperson), Sharon Glynn, Gwen Murphy, and Bríd Ryan

Others Present: Betsy Hsu, Jackie Lavigne (Associate Director), Jonathan Wiest (Acting Director)

Proposed by-laws: Comments sent from Adeyinka Laiyemo by email were discussed. The by-laws were approved with no further changes, and they will be posted to the CPFP Intranet.

Letters to incoming fellows: Jonine drafted two welcome letters (one to fellows coming to NCI in June 2008 (n=6) and another letter to those who will be starting their MPH in 2008 (n=11)).

  • The letters were reviewed; they include a welcome, information on location, moving, etc.
  • The FAB will ask for current fellows at the NCI to volunteer to send the welcome letter to one or two incoming fellows.
  • Along with the letter, the incoming fellows will be provided with a list of current fellows that includes their current NCI division, the institution where the fellow earned his/her MPH, the field in which the fellow earned his/her Ph.D., and a brief statement of research interests. With the permission of the fellow, the neighborhood in which the fellow lives will also be included.

FAB co-chairs: Goli Samimi and Gretchen Gierach were selected by a majority of vote of fellows in attendance at the FAB meeting.

Action Items:

  1. Gretchen/Goli will send to Jonathan the following documents to be posted to the CPFP Intranet in a FAB folder:
    1. FAB meeting minutes
    2. FAB by-laws
    3. CPF biosketches from 2007 Fellows' Scientific Symposium
  2. Goli/Gretchen will send to Jonathan the spreadsheet of the current fellows at NCI that includes the fields that will be sent to the incoming class. Jonathan will send to the current fellows at NCI a request to update their brief statement of research interests and any other information needed for the list. The CPFP staff will keep maintain the master list. In addition, Jonathan will ask for each fellow to indicate whether he/she would be willing to have incoming fellows contact them with moving advice, discuss their neighborhood, etc.
  3. On Monday, March 31st Jonine will send to the current fellows the proposed welcome letters for the incoming fellows. Fellows will have until Friday to offer comments. Jonine will also ask for current fellows to volunteer to contact the incoming class. The goal is to send the letters out the week of April 7, 2008.
  4. At the next FRM on April 2nd the FAB will:
    • Identify themselves as being members of FAB.
    • Make a general announcement about the FAB membership.
      • All current Cancer Prevention Fellows are eligible for participation and/or membership in the FAB.
      • Fellows may join the FAB at any time.
      • The FAB strives to represent fellows across all scientific disciplines and years in the program.
    • Ask for volunteers to join the FAB, especially since several current members will be leaving the CPFP.
    • Betsy is on the Brown Bag Committee and they will also announce their membership.

The next FAB meeting will be held on Friday, April 25th, at 4:00 p.m. in T-41.