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Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program U.S. National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute

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May 30, 2008

FAB Members Present: Genevieve Dunton, Jonine Figueroa, Neal Freedman, Gretchen Gierach (co-chairperson), Gwen Murphy, Goli Samimi (co-chairperson), Salma Shariff-Marco and Joanne Watters

Others Present: Sharon Glynn, Jonathan Wiest (Acting Director)

  1. Update on events relating to incoming Fellows
    • Welcome e-mails to news Fellows generally thought to be a good idea but might be more useful if sent earlier in the year, i.e., closer to the time when Fellows chose their MPH school.
    • Orientation week: Joanne Watters, Erika Waters, John Tyburski and Adeyinka Laiyemo to lead the session: 'Finding a Preceptor' and will e-mail senior Fellows to invite them to sit in on the session too. Also need to recruit volunteers for the 'Behind Closed Doors' session.
    • Ellen Jaffe coordinating the potluck lunch on the Monday of Orientation week.
  2. Update on CPF program staff
    • Lucretia has recently left the CPF administrative team. Kelly Services will provide resumes for a potential replacement. Jonathan estimates that this replacement should be hired within a couple of weeks.
    • Summer intern (Janelle) to act as point person for the Summer Curriculum. Ellen Jaffe in charge of front desk activities, securing meetings and general organizational activities. Blanca and Trishna's responsibilities to continue as before.
  3. Update on the search for Program Director
    • Four candidates have been invited to interview for the position of CPF Program Director (one outside candidate and 3 internal candidates). Interviews will take place during the week beginning June 2nd and will comprise of panel interviews. Former/current Fellows have already been appointed to the panel.
    • The outside candidate will be interviewed on Monday, June 2nd, and current Fellows will have the opportunity to meet this candidate over lunch.
    • Interview questions have already been designed, however, Jonine will solicit Fellows for any specific questions which they would like to see included. Specifically, FAB would hope that questions relating to mentoring and leadership will be included.
    • Jonathan believes that successful interviewees might then be invited to a second interview where they may be asked to make a presentation to the CP Fellows. The content of this presentation has yet to be determined but will likely comprise both the candidates' scientific work to date and their views/experience in leadership and training.
    • It is hoped that the new Director would start in mid-July, if the selected candidate is an NCI employee and mid-August, if coming from outside the NCI.
  4. Update on the search for Associate Program Director
    • Jonathan received the packet for the list of candidates to be interviewed from Human Resources. There is some confusion over the number of candidates who may be invited to interview; however, Jonathan hopes the interviewing and selection process will be completed in a timely manner. Jackie is due to finish at the end of the June and ideally a candidate will be selected prior to this date.
    • With concurrent recruitment for both positions it is unlikely that the new Director will have any input into the hiring of the Associate Director.

Action Items:

  1. The following documents need to be posted to the CPFP Intranet in a FAB folder:
    1. FAB meeting minutes
    2. FAB by-laws
    3. CPF biosketches from 2007 Fellows' Scientific Symposium
  2. Recruit for volunteers to sit in on the 'Finding a Preceptor' session and to participate in the 'Behind Closed Doors' session during Orientation Week. (June 23rd–27th)

The next FAB meeting will be held on Friday, June 27th, at 4:00 p.m. in T-41.