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Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program U.S. National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute

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Manuscripts, Abstracts and Presentations


Fellows are reminded that every submission should acknowledge their affiliation with the fellowship program and should reference the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland. Suggestions for this inclusion are as follows: for manuscripts — either in the Acknowledgement section or in the affiliations statement on the title page; for abstracts — at the bottom; for presentations — on the Acknowledgements slide or on the title slide with fellow's name and title of talk; and for posters — in the Acknowledgement section.

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Procedures and Form Requirements


All manuscripts require approval prior to submission for publication in any media (e.g., scientific journals, including the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, conferences, symposia, etc.). Fellows should use form NIH-1616-4 — "Request for Approval of Publication or Presentation" [ Download: PDF ] for manuscript approval.


Fellows enrolled in the CPFP, whether working at the Program Office or in a preceptor-sponsored position or attending M.P.H. training, must submit a form NIH-1616-4 — "Request for Approval of Publication or Presentation," even if the paper to be published stems from research performed at another (previous) institution.

The Program Office requests a copy of every approved form NIH-1616-4 — "Request for Approval of Publication or Presentation" for any publication originating in the fellow's preceptor-sponsored position.

Fellows currently at the NCI working with a primary preceptor:

All manuscripts should be cleared through you preceptor's division. Please forward a copy of your manuscript and signed clearance form to the CPFP office.

Fellows without a primary preceptor

All manuscripts will be reviewed by the CPFP scientific staff for approval. Please submit a copy of your manuscript and a completed NIH-1616-4 "Request for Approval of Publication or Presentation" to a CPFP Associate Director.

All fellows should retain signed (approved) forms for three years after publication.

Important information

NIH Public Access. As of April 7, 2007, all NIH investigators (intramural and extramural) are required by law to submit, upon acceptance for publication, all final, peer-reviewed manuscripts to PubMed Central (PMC). For more information, go to

Presentations and Abstracts

Presentations and abstracts do not need approval.

Fellows are encouraged to submit abstracts and give presentations on their research findings. Dry runs of presentations are encouraged and the Fellows Research Meetings can be used for this purpose.

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Research Presentations Resources

Poster Printing:

Within this file is a brief guide to making posters and how to print them out in 6116 Executive Blvd.[ Download: PPT ] There is no cost for printing posters.

CPFP Public Speaking Trainer:

Jeanne Pasquariello
Potomac Training Associates
(Telephone) 301-809-1259
(Fax) 301-809-0898

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