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Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program U.S. National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute

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Initial Research Proposal

Upon beginning their research at NCI, fellows are required to submit an initial research proposal that describes their initial research project. Proposals are due at the end of October. Proposal instructions are included below:

Guidelines for initial proposal [Download: DOC ]

6-Month and Annual Progress Reports

The Program Directors review each fellow's progress throughout the year. Fellows are required to submit a 6-month progress report by December 1 of each year and an annual report by May 1 of each year.

The Annual Progress Report covers activities and progress from the preceding May through end of April of the current-year. Annual Progress Reports will be reviewed during the annual progress meeting (see below). The 6-month progress covers activities, accomplishments, and progress from May 1-December 1 of the current year. The information from progress reports helps us monitor each fellow's progress and ensure that each fellow is on track to achieving their individual career goals. The information also helps determine Merit Awards recipients. Finally, the information is used to evaluate the success of the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program and to identify areas for improvement.

During M.P.H. training: Six-month and annual progress reports are also required for fellows obtaining an M.P.H. After completing each term of M.P.H. training, copies of unofficial transcripts (i.e., grade reports) should also be submitted to the Program Office as soon as they are available. At completion of the M.P.H. program, an official transcript should be submitted to the Program Office as soon as it is available.

Guidelines on preparing the 6-Month Progress Reports [Download: DOC ]

Guidelines on preparing the Annual Progress Reports [Download: DOC ]

6-Month Progress Report — Fill in Form [Download: DOC ]

Annual Progress Report — Fill in Form [Download: DOC ]

While obtaining an M.P.H. degree, progress and annual reports are still required. During the first semester of M.P.H. training, copies of transcripts (i.e., report cards, grade reports) are sufficient for reporting purposes and should be submitted to the Program Office as soon as they are available. An Annual Report is required for the second half of M.P.H. training.

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Personal Meetings with the Program Directors

Personal meetings can be scheduled at any time during the year.

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Preparation for the Annual Progress Meeting in May

The Program Directors conduct an annual progress review of each fellow during the month of May. Discussion usually includes a brief review of progress on projects, including productivity on manuscripts, presentations at scientific meetings, honors and awards, as well as plans for future research, the development of the fellow's research agenda, and plans for job hunting. This meeting typically does not include the fellow's preceptor unless requested.

Publications published, in press, submitted and in preparation
Research Projects a short paragraph explaining each major project and the progress to date
Presentations/Posters titles, places and dates
Training titles and dates
Meetings (attended) titles, dates and locations
Future Plans employment ideas after the fellowship
Other awards, special events, etc.
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Program Exit Evaluation

Fellows leaving the CPFP need to notify our staff and complete and return an Exit Survey [Download: DOC | PDF ] to us. Fellows are responsible for clearing their CIT account, closing their e-mail and mailing addresses on the Internet. In addition, fellows must return their NIH ID, FACSCARD, and parking hanger. A Termination Notice must be taken to the FAES office (301-496-8064) in Bldg. 10, Room B1C18, to close the health insurance account (or continue at each fellow's own expense for a month or more). Afterwards, the Termination Notice should be taken to the NIH Office of Financial Management in Bldg. 31, Room B1B06.

Important Notice: Please contact the CPFP Coordinator immediately after you know that you will be leaving the program or give at least 8-weeks notice before you are planning to leave. Giving insufficient departure notice could result in a lapse of insurance coverage or pay.

You may contact the CPFP Coordinator at:

CPFP Coordinator
Telephone: (301) 496-8640
Fax: (301) 480-2669

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